Andreas’ birthday

Yesterday was my friend Andreas’ birthday. I wanted to post something interesting on his Facebook wall, which gave me good reason to play around in Photoshop.

Main picture was taken during a stag night (other pics posted under {Svensexan}, Swedish for stag night). Street pic taken a few years ago during a lunch break when I was living in Stockholm. These images aren’t the best match for a composite, but I was playing around and really wanted to only use images that I have taken myself (a Manhatten skyline would have been cool, but I haven’t got one in my Lightroom library…yet). The lighting is so different from one image to the other, so shadows were a real pain. Can’t say that I’ve succeeded in making the images blend well, but it was fun to give it a try and the message worked – Andreas is a family man (no not FAMILY, as in wise guy, just regular family) and is as happy go lucky as anyone could be. So to be able to fake an image that makes him look like a hitman was kinda’ fun.

Andreas is the bad ass, bald, leader of the pack by the way. Hope you had a good birthday Andreas!