Has it been that long?

Amazing how time flies when you’re having fun and there’s lots to do. I’ve been hard at work, both with my day job and with my photography, but I can’t make excuses for not writing here any more, so here goes:

On May 22 I ran GöteborgsVarvet 1/2 marathon. I had only managed to get 7 weeks of training in due to an extremely long winter and a fair dose of denial, but I got round in 2 hr 13 minutes, which isn’t too bad considering. The event itself was fantastic. 200.000 spectators along the whole course cheering us on, live music every few clicks, just one huge party.

To add to my enjoyment of the event I was hired to cover parts of the event the day before and after my run (make mental note to take a small water-proof camera along next time and even cover my run).

During my first day I took a break and headed up to the media centre, a press conference was in progress and some of the favorites for the next days race were being interviewed. I grabbed a sandwich and some coffee and hung around as the press conference came to an end. Two guys in all Adidas kit sat down close by and appeared to be passing time, no doubt waiting for the next step of a for me unknown itinerary. As the events media manager had asked me to get some shots from the ongoing fair and specifically from the temporary Adidas store I saw an opportunity. I asked the guys if they had time to nip down to the fair for a few quick shots. They didn’t mind and their agent liked the idea, as long as it didn’t take more than 10 minutes tops.

Said and done, we moved down to the fair and I sweatily rigged some lighting while scanning the scene for an angle as fair visitors started to form a circle around the event within the event that was unfolding in front of them. I set the shot up in front of a billboard that the media manager had said he really liked, escpecially the slogan referring to the event itself. A few minutes later we were done, the guys moved on, the crowd dispursed and I was left to pack with an exhilarating feeling of having seized a moment.

Wilson Chebet who came in 2nd place this year and last years winner Nicholas Kamakya.