Professional photographer?

Recently we got a photo package taken by a professional photographer at the girl’s day care. I wasn’t too impressed so I decided to give it a go myself.

First two are the pro’s. Next are a few shots showing that I appreciate the challenge of photographing children. Last two are my favorites. I spent about 5 minutes setting up the shot in our living room and another 10 minutes shooting. Effective shoot time for both was about 5 minutes as between every single shot they’d come running up to “have a look”. I’d then have to get them back in position. Quite a few frames also had one or the other running into the frame. The last image is an example of this which I would categorise as a lucky accident. That’s Mina in the background running around with a shawl stretched out above her head. And the angel is Eila.

So now we have some nice photos to share with the family and I got some practice in. Hope you like them.

[The above two photos have not been taken by me I’m happy to say.]